Hot Damn Here I Am

This week I sort of invited myself to come along with a high school friend to the fair. There was mention of the demolition derby on some social networking site to which I threw out some bait. Luckily she bit and invited me along.

I'm an ungrateful child at times about the town where I was raised. It was, in all fairness, very good to me. As soon as I stepped onto the fair grounds Saturday night, I felt more home than I've felt in a long time. You see, the fair was the social event of the year. So much so, that we were given a day off of school to attend. It was in many ways the heart of the community.

I won't say much about the memories that being there brought back for me because I could go on far too long, but I will say that as I walked around Saturday night, I regained a little more perspective on why I am the way I am. If you've been reading here awhile, you'll see what I mean.

Blue ribbons for scrapbooking!? Oh my! There is a Homemaker of the Year contest, where you submit a slew of evidence that you are the best homemaker in town. Knitting, sewing, crocheting, fruits of the garden, scrapbooks, baked goods, etc.. There is also a Junior Homemaker of the Year contest. I don't know why I didn't know about this growing up. Probably because I wasn't involved in Future Homemakers of America like 500 other kids at my high school.

Even though I don't live in town anymore, the wheels are definitely turning about next year's competition. I think my tendency to dabble in many crafts would give me an edge, finally. I'm definitely not the best knitter or scrapbooker or canner but if I round up my portfolio of homemakerliness, I might stand a chance.
Chubby pigs make me feel at home too. It wasn't until I moved to the East Coast that I realized how much the Midwest has an affinity for pork. It's probably the same in the South too.

Fixing up and crashing up cars too. Saturday night was the Demolition Derby State Championship. Oh yeah.

What can I say. It was great fun. And it was good to be home.


Elizabeth Downie said...

This is perfect - you totally captured the evening! Except that you forgot that I AM had an apostrophy in it - I'AM. Ha ha ha!!! I had so much fun hanging out with you last night. I'm so glad you came and I'm looking forward to many more adventures with you now that you're back in Michigan! :)

Mrs. Church said...

Ahh the good old Saline fair. I loved introducing Brad to it last year. :)

And how funny is it that we so mocked FHA then... and now we're like "SWEET! Homemakers!"

Elizabeth Downie said...

I totally forgot about the FHA by the way, but you're right. The majority of our school was in it! I wonder what kinds of things they did??

Hearthandmade said...

this looks great!! i love the pigs. having a schnooze!!

lindsay said...

Makes me want to come to the fair next year... The Marquette County Fair is pretty good too!