A Week in the Life complete!

I ended up doing something completely different with my Week in the Life project than I said I was going to do. I ended up organizing the photos and journaling by day. I didn't do journaling as I went along. And I couldn't find the baseball card dividers that I know I bought so I went a different route. Maybe I gave them away in my recent supply purge? Hmmm..

Anyway, it was easier to make photo collages in Picasa. I've been doing that a lot this year. And then I decided that I didn't want to use up printer ink to print full 8.5x11 pages, and I was too impatient to send it out for printing, so I printed the collages at 5x7 and put together a mini-album that is 7x7. I love this because now I can repeat this process in the fall, in the same album.

I incorporated the washi tape I got in the mail the week I did this project. Total trend right now. The album has other pages from Sunday, Thurs, Fri, and Saturday which I'm not showing because they are either less interesting (hello, migraine on Friday) or because they have work/school related people in them.

Every evening this week I've gathered a small stack of supplies for this album and headed out into the living room to chip away at it while Matt has been watching hockey finals. It's been quite enjoyable to have a small project to unwind with. I look forward to doing this again!
week in the life mini
week in the life opening page
week in the life monday
week in the life tuesday
week in the life wednesday


Mrs. Church said...

I want to see in person! :)

Mariana (: said...

Oh I found your blog in the TYS blog list :) I LOVE your blog from what I've seen! Instant follower :)+


heyjenrenee said...

LOVE how your book turned out!

amytangerine said...

this is fabulous!! and i, too, am totally addicted to washi tape.

Stephie C said...

Oh what a great format :) I am just taking this project on myself this week! I am blogging each day then will post the completed project hopefully next week!