37 by 37

Because it's getting dark so very early these days, because I read this great post about NaBloPoMo - national blog posting month - which talks about showing up here just because it's fun, because I have two years of possible posts I could share...and just because.

I'm ready for a 37 by 37 list. In 2013, I made a 35 by 35 list. This year I had a 36 by 36 list. I turned 36 in August and gave myself a two month extension on checking a few more things off that list before moving on to 37. Just because.

Like my friend Sarah does with her annual 100 New Things list, I aim for doing half of the things. And if I don't, it's not a big deal. I don't stress about it. I keep making lists because it's a reminder of things I want to try or accomplish. Like, oh hey, I totally need to make that happen. Not, grrr, I have to do this because I said I would. 

Because the list reminded me to make it happen, one of the highlights of this past year was going paddle boarding for the first time one beautiful weeknight evening on the Huron River. It was challenging and peaceful, and wouldn't have happened without the list. Other highlights were taking my niece on an overnight trip in Chicago for her 13th birthday, flying a very cheap kite on summer vacation with my other nieces which broke into sharp pieces within ten minutes, and downloading a geocaching app and going on a short treasure hunt with friends after dinner one night. Lots of good things.

Every year, I carry forward anything I'm still excited about doing and drop anything that I'm not excited about. A decent number of things have been on the list for two years. It's been a challenging two years, so going easy on myself has been super important. This is all in the spirit of self-care and showing up for myself, not doing for the sake of doing.

1.     Hike and finish #100trailmiles
2.     See a movie at the Ford Drive-In
3.     Shoot and post 50 photos from the Polaroid, Yashica, or Rolleiflex cameras
4.     Shoot and print a roll of double exposures with Matt
5.     Kayak in Port Austin, Michigan
6.     Take our bikes over to Ontario for a ride
7.     Complete an encaustic collage series with vintage women in the outdoors photos
8.     Finish 8 craft projects I planned and have the supplies to finish
         - Make a Michigan vintage postcards collage
         - Make vintage type set drawer piece
         - Sew another dress - a Staple Dress
         - Sew myself a second Ruby top
         - Sew pillows for the bed or couch
         - Sew myself a knit top
         - Sew a throw quilt with thrifted wool
         - Knit myself a new sweater
9.     Finally go to the Detroit Soup
10.   Finish decorating the bedroom
11.   Tour the Rouge factory
12.   Scan my grandpa’s photos with my mom
13.   Get into a Project Life habit
14.   Take long exposure photos of the stars at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park
15.   Ice skate on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa
16.   Attend a weekend art workshop or retreat
17.   Submit one (or more) of my dissertation papers for publication
18.   Learn to play a duet on the guitar with Matt
19.   Swim in the Barton Springs Pool in Austin
20.   List and sell something on Etsy
21.   Draw in the gallery at the Detroit Institute of Arts
22.   Skijor with Kaia (even for 3 minutes before I fall or she runs me into a tree)
23.   Set up a sewing station
24.   Hike the whole Waterloo trail (22+ miles)
25.   Visit a new museum in NYC
26.   Visit a new museum in the Midwest
27.   Spend a day exploring a Midwestern city
28.   Go to a taping of a TV show (is taping still a thing?)
29.   Buy a new-to-me sewing machine
30.   Spend a week with no screens after 6pm
31.   Try acupuncture
32.   Take a dance class
33.   Hit balls at the batting cages
34    Sleep in a yurt
35.   Fly on a trapeze
36.   Explore a state or country I've never visited
37.   Camp on an island

      When I started the 36 by 36 list in January, I immediately thought I should also keep a spontaneous list. I didn't keep one, except in my head, but I love the notion that the best things I experience in a year will be totally unplanned. Last night, I accidentally - uh, spontaneously - posted a 2014 spontaneous list before it was ready (why is the publish button right next to the save button???). I retracted it, but the original post still went out to email subscribers and news feeds. So anyway, I'll repost tomorrow, and it'll make a bit more sense then.

Planned and spontaneous fun.  Ready, set, go!


Frannie said...

This list is awesome!! I'm totally stealing some ideas/joining you on a few of these adventures! :)

Stephanie said...

:) :) love it!