36 by 36

I'm writing up a post on how it went in 2013 with my 35 by 35 list.

But in the meantime, on this first day of the New Year, here is my 36 by 36 list. This year, like my friend Sarah does with her annual list, I'm going to try for half this time around. I'm getting the hang of this now.

I carried forward #1-23, with some modification. Some are longer term works-in-progress (#2-6, #10, #14).

1.     See a movie at the Ford Drive-In
2.     Blog 50 photos I took on the Polaroid, Yashica, or Rolleiflex cameras
3.     Shoot and print a roll of double exposures with Matt
4.     Shoot and print a roll of underwater photos
5.     Fill an art journal with collages and drawings
6.     Hike #100trailmiles
7.     Kayak in Port Austin, Michigan
8.     Take our bikes over to Ontario for a ride
9.     Complete an encaustic collage series with vintage women in the outdoors photos
10. Finish 6 craft projects I planned
o    Michigan postcards collage
o    Vintage type set drawer piece
o    Washi dress #1
o    Washi dress #2
o    Ruby top
o    Market bags
11. Learn to use my (not so new) serger
12. Buy something at John King Books
13. Finally go to the Detroit Soup
14. Finish decorating the bedroom
15. Hang our art and prints
16. Own a KitchenAid mixer
17. Practice yoga or meditation every day for a month
18. Tour the Rouge factory
19. Buy a last minute weekend flight and travel to a random city
20. Leave or find some art for Free Art Fridays
21. Scan my grandpa’s photos with my mom
22. Volunteer 20 hours at the Earthworks garden and/or Sierra Club Inner City Outings
23. Get into a Project Life habit
24. Take long exposure photos of the stars at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park
25. Ice skate on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa
26. Attend a weekend art workshop or retreat
27. Own cross-country skis
28. Try geocaching
29. Submit one (or more) of my dissertation papers for publication
30. Go camping...anywhere!
31. Learn to play a duet on the guitar with Matt
32. Go paddle boarding
33. Treat my niece to a girls overnight trip to celebrate her 13th birthday
34. Swim in the Barton Springs Pool in Austin
35. List and sell something on Etsy

36. Fly a kite

2014 – ready, set, go!


Stephanie said...

I know someone that can help w no. 16! ;)

Frannie said...

I'm offering up help on any of these...so excited to hear about your adventures! :)