Wandering: Out to Lunch in Detroit

Hello Canada.

Hello Ren Cen and GM.

Hello Hockey Town and People Mover.

Hello Mudgie's Deli that is more like a cafe than a deli. And unmarked.
Hello Basil Lemonade.

Hello Lunch. "The Honey Bee" - an amazing fajita chicken salad that I will try to make at home. Even though it looks like cat food covered in cheese in this photo.
Hello Art, tucked into a concrete wall.
Hello Detroit! Call me crazy but I'm so excited to be here.


Mrs. Church said...

And I'm so excited you are here!!!

Elizabeth Downie said...

I'm so excited too. :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

I've never actually been to Detroit... haha! I've driven through it a bunch of times, but only stopped at the border. That basil lemonade sounds good!

sdwaard said...

Love that last coney island shot :) Only in MI will you see two different coney islands right next to each other!

Mark Terry said...

I'm not completely sold on Xochimilchos or Mexican Village, although they're both decent, but there's a terrific Mexican bakery down there. China One had pretty good Chinese food (particularly General Tso's Chicken). Across the street from Henry Ford Hospital is the Boulevard Cafe (if you remember, I killed off a lot of people there in the beginning of The Serpent's Kiss) and their food isn't bad. I always liked their chicken club sandwich. There's a restaurant whose name I forget (narrows it down, doesn't it?) that was in the New Center Area sort of behind the gym just west of the GM building that was pretty good.

Sara said...

I do remember the reference to the restaurant...thought of that this week! Will have to seek it out just for fun.

Liz said...

Might you be going to the Maker Faire this weekend?