Just a quick and cozy little share. Matt captured this photo last week. Like many dogs, she thinks she's people.

This week she had two firsts. Her first time successfully jumping up in a tree! She's tried but never succeeded. Now she's done it three times. Her athletic abilities are amazing, and at times also hard to live with, especially when squirrels run up to the windows and she body checks herself against the glass to try to get them. We're trying some training techniques for this new and unwelcome behavior.

Her other first was her first time urban mushing on the Dequindre Cut in Detroit this afternoon. This is a sport we got into while living in Boston, thanks to the very well organized Boston Snow Dogs group. Kaia is massively squirrel obsessed, lately more than ever, so after a few rounds of window slamming we helped her reroute that energy into a very successful run. Her best pulling ever. Then we came home and watched a TV special about the Iditarod and noticed how very much she looks and acts like an Alaskan Husky. Oh, to live with a dog who could run across the Yukon! She's calming down a bit these days as she approaches 3 years of age, but still, there's no stopping that snow dog energy.

The cooler weather helps us all. Nice crisp walks to search for squirrels and then trips home to cozy up in quilts. It's a great season. I love fall!


Hearthandmade said...

awh! so cute! "i was runnin and runnin and runnin and runnin and ZZzzzzzz"

Elizabeth Downie said...

Adorable! I love this time of year too.

lindsay said...

There is an event in the UP middle of October called "So Mush Fun" if you guys are interested in coming.