the weekend

I thought I'd post this art journal page because it's in keeping with my theme from my earlier finding the stillness post...sometimes a spell without technology/electricity is just what is needed.

Friday night we lost power while in the middle of watching some mildly entertaining cooking show. We decided to go for a walk. The stars were much brighter without the lights. I'm always amazed we can see stars at all being this close to Boston, but as you can see in the post below, we also live by a large stretch of forest which helps. In Chicago, we only had pink sky at night. No stars. It felt alien.

While we walked, it smelled like camp smoke, which was lovely. Some of the neighbors were out too, quite a buzz as they fretted and talked about the outage.

One woman asked us, "Did you call the electric company?"

"Uh, no."

"Well, I did. They said [incredulous tone] the power wouldn't come back on until 10:30! At the earliest! No guarantees! Can you believe that? I can't go to sleep without cable. I can't live!"

She really said that she couldn't live. Mind you, it was 9:45.

Call me strange but I love losing power. Candles. A starlit walk on a Friday night. What's not to love?


Elizabeth Downie said...

I love that journal page. Sounds like a really romantic evening. :) It's great that you have someone so special in your life to share evenings like that with.

katie said...

i like when the power goes out too. Sometimes the quiet is such a welcome change.