weekend beginnings

living room color story
I went to the fabric store yesterday and bought some fabric on a whim - the green and the orange. I've had the blue and linen in my stash. I've been thinking a lot about making new pillows for the living room. I kind of hate making pillows but I can't bring myself to buy them, particularly because we have pillow forms in the closet waiting to be used.

I've had a color story in my head for a while now, inspired by this Kalamazoo print we have and my small collection of milk jars. I think I'm going to add in some birch-inspired or this wren print. These hand pulled fabrics and the pillows by Ink & Spindle are so lovely!

Slightly retro. A bit vintage. Colorful but not too bold. Nature and farm thrown in. I think that's my style.

new journal
I also started another smaller art journal last night. I bought this one who knows when. I found it in a box, since we've been cleaning out the closets. This journal is more for brainstorming and sketching. I'm keeping it on my nightstand. It feels good to draw again. I'm not great at it but I get by.

And that's Miss K who is spending a great deal of her time like this lately. We think it's about the cutest thing ever. We have a little spot for her in the bedroom by a window the goes almost to the floor. It's her rabbit lookout spot. When she sees one, she starts doing a mad dash back and forth between the bedroom and the living room.

I have a lot of new journals ideas swirling in my head. This week want to make a few camping or hiking inspired moleskins. I took one backpacking with me in Yosemite and it worked out great since they are so light. I'm also working on a new photo journal design. I'm going to design a new block print or two for the covers. Any suggestions cover sayings? I think I'm drawn to 'wanderings' and 'adventures' the most, but how about you?


Frannie said...

Oooo, cover sayings....I like your ideas a lot, so it's hard to think of others...what about topics, like "Midwest" or "The Woods"?

Sara said...

Oh, that's a good idea! I should do a few regional ones.

Mrs. Church said...

Heidi spends a good chunk of her day exactly like that, sitting on the floor, resting her head on the sills -- all of which in the living room and bedroom are perfect head rest height. :)

Jo said...

I just bought a new moleskin last week and was so excited to dive in, and yet I have not....and I'm not sure what I'm waiting for. I am so happy I found your blog! You've inspired me!! :)

Sara said...

Oh, that makes me smile. Thanks Jo! Dive in! And your drawings really touched me!

Stephie C said...

Ooh Kalamazoo is a couple hours from me here in Michigan :) neat-o!