walking in the woods

green reflect
I think what I like best about art journaling is that it's helping me clarify how I want to spend my time. Wednesday late afternoon, even though a few rain drops were falling, we went for a two and a half hour hike in the woods down the street. I can't believe all this is right next to where I live. And that I live right next to a big city. I spent the whole time in awe.
down the trail
n skyline train great blue hill
fur and granite
Atlantic ocean
Boston skyline
bench shot
It was magical.


Elizabeth Downie said...

That really does look magical. What a great place! I'm jealous that it's so close to where you live!

Mrs. Church said...

Random thought... But they were showing condos to some people on House Hunters in the Boston area, and they had a big rock formation out in the backyard like the entrance to your complex. I thought of you. :) Speaking of random nature close to home!