December '09: 9 of 31


I unearthed last year's December Daily and I realized I will not be adding to it this year, due to the giant '08 on the cover. I’ll have to start from scratch.

I finished the journaling every day last year, but did not go back to add photos. Printing photos seems to be my roadblock lately when it comes to scrapbooking. Gotta work on that!

I did slip all the holiday cards I got into the back, so it will be fun to go back and see photos not just from my little family but from other families who sent us photo cards last year.

[Here is a link to this scalloped chipboard album, which is fairly inexpensive. I decorated the cover with paint, paper and felt letter stickers. I also painted the rectangles on the journaling pages, which are meant to be filled in with small photos. The numbered tags are from the successful former Etsy shop, Elle's Studio (only b&w available right now). I had the 1-31 set of number tags, so I put the date on the top page and what the "day of Christmas" it was on the facing bottom page. ]

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