December '09: 8 of 31


I almost forgot to post today. Tonight, Matt and I walked to our local polling place to vote in the Massachusetts Senate primary to replace Ted Kennedy's seat. Afterwards, I made fish tacos for dinner as well as black beans and rice for a potluck tomorrow.

I was up late last night adding words to photos for potential greeting cards. Something I really didn't need to be doing, but I felt like doing anyway. It led to me dozing off after dinner while watching an episode of Globe Trekker.

I feel like my to do list around here is a mile long. We haven't decorated for the holidays yet, but late last week I bought this tinsel tree. When I was checking out the woman gave me the third degree, "Can you tell me what this is?" I told her it was just a shiny tree to hang ornaments on. Nothing to get all in a twit about! Okay, I didn't say that last part but I wanted to.

As I was walking away she said in complete disbelief, "She has one too!", commenting on the next woman approaching the checkout.

I admit, it's a little gaudy. Maybe kitschy is a better word. But, I love it.

I came home and counted the little round hooks on each of the three tinsel-y round hoops and realized there were 25. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I think it was meant to be an advent tree. Next year, I'll hang little numbered boxes on it and hide treats inside.

That's my plan. I'm officially adding that to my future to-do list!

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Mrs. Church said...

love love love the tinsel tree. totally jealous :)