December '09:7 of 31


I worked from home today, which was a nice change for a Monday. Midday I needed to run to the post office, so I loaded Kaia in the car and we took a long walk. I felt the need to rush her so I could get back home to work, but it was no use. It was an afternoon made for lingering.

And because I'm strangely proud, you get a bonus picture today. Tonight I made a meal I grew up with as a 5th generation half-Polish-American, but rarely make. It's perfect for a snowy Monday. Kielbasa (turkey this time for Matt), pan fried potatoes with onions, and canned green beans. Oh, and lots of ketchup. Ketchup is what makes it particularly American. I normally make some sauerkraft as well, but not tonight.

I didn't grow up eating pierogies, or duck's blood soup, or even cabbage rolls. This is my connection to my heritage.


We ate it while watching the last episode of Monk that we've been saving on DVR until we were ready to say goodbye. I may have cried my eyes out a little, so it was good to have a little comfort food first.

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Elizabeth Downie said...

Wasn't that last episode of Monk great!? I loved it. And I cried a bit too. Sigh. I'll miss Monk.