December '09: 10 of 31


Feet. Camera stuck to my face. Feet.

I'm trying to get into a new routine, with more days spent at home working at my own pace, intersected with Kaia's regular demands to go for laps outside. It's a bit of a struggle right now, but it'll get there. It's nice to be at home in cozy slippers and jeans, but I'm torn between housework and work work right now. Both need to be done.

With this December once-a-day project I've committed myself to, I have been noticing how infrequently I take photos of us. I've been taking this online scrapbooking class with Ali Edwards, and this week's the layout is a series of photos of yourself. This is a challenge for me! Time to turn the camera around on myself.

Also, every year around this time my sister-in-law asks for photos of us to put in these great family calendars she makes as Christmas gifts. So every year I have a chance to go back through the archives from the last 12 months to look for photos of Matt and me together. There are never enough. So, again, it's a good challenge for the future, especially as I try to document daily life.

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Anonymous said...

great photos. love the last two especially.