The Top of Your To Do List

I was overwhelmed this week with to do lists that were too long. Instead of my Sunday hike, I stayed inside today. It was a mistake. I implore you instead to throw away the list for an hour. You should go do this instead. You'll feel better. I always do.

Go out in the woods.

Don't let the weather stop you. The day may be an overcast and rainy, but that's even better because the colors will jump out at you. Just protect your camera with a plastic bag or your rain jacket or something.

Find one spot. Maybe by a tree. Maybe on a ridge line. Maybe by a flowerbed.

Take at least 100 photos in that one spot.

Look up, look down, kneel down to the ground, peek around corners.







Take in all the details.

A lot of your photos probably won't be that great, but you'll have a handful worth hanging on to. And later, you can look at them and breath a little more slowly because the photos will take you back to a time when you stopped to pay attention.

I took these last Sunday, a few days before the fall colors in the leaves started to show. I stood in that one spot and absorbed all the green because I knew it would not last much longer. The bright moss and leaves were even more beautiful against the red and brown forest floor.

Soon, the color palate will change completely to whites, blues, and greys. Until then, I suggest picking one special spot to spend a few minutes and soak in every color and living thing.


Mrs. Church said...

Those greens are GREAT! :)

Ps remember to add "clean out inbox" to your to do list for this week hehehehee

Liz said...

Spectacular green!