wanderCRAFT photojournal reveal and giveaway!

Update: Congrats and thanks to the lovely traveler and storyteller Madeline of Barn-Raising for giving my photojournal a try. I'll also be sending some goodies to Susan of ...and chaos ensued because it's her birthday today! Happy birthday and here's to a wonderful trip in your future! Oh, and my next giveaway won't have any strings attached! ;)

Didn't I say something about a giveaway awhile back?

photo journal

I'm making photojournals for my soon to be revealed Etsy shop. Opening day will be Nov. 1st, right after Halloween and just in time for stocking stuffers and Hanukkah gifts!

I've been scrapbooking for a long time, and I particularly love mini-albums of weekend trips or weeklong vacations. But, I'll confess, I have a hard time finishing them. So I thought long and hard about how I would design the perfect easy-to-complete photojournal for myself and others.

I'll have a few different versions of photojournals in the shop, but this map photojournal is a favorite for documenting travel. Heck, it could even document places you hope to travel to in your life! That would be really fun!

Inside this photojournal are 36 pages that measure 8"X5.5". It's a good size for featuring big 5x7 photos or for combining various sizes, like two vertical 3"x5" photos or a horizontal 4"x6" with room for a patterned paper accent. With a little cropping, the possibilities are endless.

Stapling or gluing mementos from your trip, such as receipts, ticket stubs, or bits of menus would be fun too!

Every other page is white acid free cardstock for adding photos. The facing pages are grid paper for journaling. The albums are just long enough room to fit in the highlights and important details, but not so long that you loose steam documenting your trip.

If you are interested in documenting your travels or wanderlust in this cute photojournal, and are willing to share a few pages on your blog on Nov. 1st - wanderCRAFT's opening day - leave a comment letting me know what adventure you'd love to document. It could be a trip you took 10 years ago, one you took last month, or one you're taking next week. I'll draw a random winner Friday night at 8pm EST and get it into the mail for you Saturday morning. I'm willing to ship this internationally too. It'd be fun to have my first photojournal take a trip around the globe!

Also, the photojournal will come with a few travel-related bonuses to help you with your documenting. Fun stuff!

Oh, and don't feel shy about sharing this giveaway with friends! So excited to share these!


Mrs. Church said...

Just throwing props out to Sara's albums.... They are amazing. You definitely want this people! :)

Madeline Rains said...

yes!! I would love the inspiration to finally document one of my amazing trips from the last few years.

sdwaard said...

Well, I would like to use it for a trip to Ireland or England that I'd like to take when the kids are a bit older. Does that count?!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Boo, I forgot to enter!!! I can't wait to see your etsy shop! :)

Madeline Rains said...

What a goober I am! I got it done, with much joy, and I rushed to scan and post my few pages. I just realized that I am too early! But we are leaving on Nov. 1 for our next trip to the mountains. I'll change the date of that post by Nov. 1st.

Thank you so much, again. I really needed that art time.