Worth holding on to

Tuesday was our 8th wedding anniversary. I really didn't think Matt had anything up his sleeve this year. I surely wasn't expecting anything. We'd planned a low key dinner at home.

But just when I'm not expecting anything, Matt will go and make my jaw drop.

The week before we were out walking and I pointed a blue hydrangea bush that was in full bloom, and told him that I had wanted blue hydrangeas in my wedding bouquet but the florist ended up giving me purple. Like every bride, at first I was a little disappointed they weren't exactly as I'd envisioned, but in the end, the purple was just right.

After our walk, he found a picture of me with my wedding bouquet and took it to a florist. The florist made a long stem bouquet that looked almost exactly like my wedding bouquet, down to the bachelor's buttons and the blue ribbon.



I suggest you tell your brother, your father, or your co-worker who is stumped for anniversary gift ideas to borrow Matt's idea. It's a keeper, and of course, so is he.

And in case you're wondering, yes, I carried the bouquet around for a few minutes, just for the memories.


Madeline Rains said...

What a great guy you have! And I love your bouquet choices.

Stephanie said...

Go Matt!!

And happy anniversary, of course. :) It was a beautiful wedding and you are a beautiful couple!!

PS Did this post magically appear after you posted the crafting blog? haha!

Beth said...

So romantic! Your wedding flowers were very gorgeous...and you too, of course! :-)

Elizabeth Downie said...

That is SO romantic! What a great idea. Congratulations on your anniversary! :)

Meadow Walk said...


Of course, as a scrapbooker, I would say you needed to take a pic of you holding it and a pic of you two together while you hold it (using a timer or have a neighbor do it), and scrapbook those pics side by side with reprints of a wedding pic of your two, and write some journaling reflecting on what you have learned about marriage over 8 years.

If you didn't take a pic of you with the bouquet, you could use these pics with a reprint of a wedding pic and do the same, but a pic of you two together at 8 yrs would make a great image on such a page, next to your wedding pic. You could also do 3 pics -- wedding pic, one of these pics, and a fave pic of you 2 from this year.

(can you tell I am a huge LOM fan and alum?? the now an dthen comparison is big in LOM. LOL!)