A Winner and A Weekend

The winner of the headband is....

Jennifer said...
Very cute. Love the colors and design. My next project will be to clean my craft area so I can actually attempt to be crafty or at least look like a well organized crafter! Then I can make my scrabble board for my mil. :)

Happy to have a new reader stopping by, so congrats! I'll get in touch to get your address.

I'll try to do a giveaway every couple weeks this summer, so stayed tuned!

We had a busy weekend of dog sitting and rental housing hunting that had us running all around town. Our lease is up in a couple months, and every year that means looking for fresh digs. The housing market is rough here in Boston and finding something that makes the hassle of moving worthwhile is always mission impossible. Lately we are so ready for a change of scenery though.

For about 24 hours this weekend we were convinced we would be moving to a beautiful cottage by the beach for the winter. It's an amazing find.
beach,photo collage,plum island
We ran the numbers and all was looking good, until I looked up the cost of the commuter rail. We started to realize our transportation costs would be more than our grocery bill!

Haven't completely given up hope, but our beach dreams might be dashed for now.

Big sigh.

It's always worth checking out what's on the other side of the hill though.


Jennifer said...

Thanks Sara. Susan let me know. You are quite the talented crafter. I enjoyed looking over your blog.

Beth said...

Bummer on the beach house. Oh, well. Just goes to show you have to be a millionaire to even rent near the shore. Onward...