Apartment crafting solution

This might be the world's strangest use of a dog crate.

We had to get a new crate for Kaia - our husky mix - because she got too tall for her old one. She doesn't use the crate that often anymore because to our surprise and delight she's been extremely well behaved when we leave her uncrated. But, we still want to have her crate trained so we keep the crate up just for practice. The new crate is quite large for our small apartment though and for a week we didn't know where to put it.

We bought it from a neighbor, and she said she put a board on top of it and used it as a table. As soon as she told me, a plan was already formulating in my head. I've never had a dedicated craft space, with all my supplies in one room and a tabletop to work on. My most craft supplies have rotated from room to room - bedroom & dining room - while the less used supplies were stowed away in the office closet.

This weekend, we did a little reorganizing in all the rooms, and came up with this solution for the office...

We got a thin board cut down to size at the hardware store, and spray painted it white.


That little green tote is for all my essential tools - glue sticks, pens, scissors, etc.. It comes in handy. The wire basket holds my finished mini-albums. The jar is for inspiring bits and pieces. The basket in the back holds my stamping sets and letter stickers. I used to keep them all in a drawer but I decided wanted to flip through them more easily.


I painted that canvas in 8th grade I believe. That year I took a mural painting class at a local university in 8th grade and I loved it. I had a small collection of acrylic paints in the basement and my dad even built me an easel. One night I spent a few hours down there, and with no real plan, that painting came out of me. I still remember the look of surprise on my dad's face when I emerged from the basement with it. The painting is a good reminder to be open to creativity.

The clipboard inspiration wall idea is ala Rachel.


I'm going to clip up little bits and supplies that will inspire me. I'll also display new scrapbooking pages for a couple weeks before they go into albums.


With a new space of my own, I started sorting photos for a project and got to sewing a few mini-album pages together.

There is more organizing to do, but this is a good start!


Madeline Rains said...

Very cool idea! I love the clip board one too.

Mommasaurus said...

Lots of great ideas. Hope the plan works for you. AND Kaia!

Liz said...

I was hoping to blurb my blog too. It seemed such a good idea to save it in hard cover. I hope it works for you with another host!

Elizabeth Downie said...

I absolutely LOVE your photography. You should be a photographer for a magazine! You make Everything look interesting!

Meadow Walk said...

I love that painting. It is soooo cool. I was going to comment anyway and ask where you got it, before I read you painted it!

When I had a giant dog crate in my LR I used it to hold giant throw pillows when I didn't want them on the floor. I finally got rid of it and now I make my dog sleep in a soft sided carrier with a zipped mesh door. Not that she pees in the house, but she gets into the garbage, the dirty laundry, destroys things I've left out even if i think they are out of her reach. She can do a lot of damage for such a little dog!!! Hurricane Pecka must be contained when I am sleeping or I will regret it when I awake. Little brat!