A few weeks back I was invited to come play photographer for a Dave Matthews cover band my husband is playing with right now. Stepping out for the first time to photograph a group of strangers was a bit intimidating. I actually tried to beg my way out of it but Matt didn't let me off the hook. Luckily one other member of the band was a friend from way back, so when I got there it was a bit less intimidating.

But turns out, even though I'm on the shy side, I wasn't half bad at bossing them around. Look here. Stand there. Move forward. All those things real photographers say. I think I told them to look intensely into the camera. Except when they were goofing a bit, like above.

I took about 200 shots. There were a handful I was happy enough with, which wasn't that easy with six guys.
I decided I could be a little heavy handed with the post processing since these were moody band shots, so I spent some time in Photoshop playing around and customizing actions until the photos looked right to my eye. Now they have some photos for their press kit, and it's fun to see how they incorporated a couple photos into their webpage.


Elizabeth Downie said...

Ok, so first of all, great pictures. Secondly, those guys are pretty cute. Let me know when their next show is? ;)

James said...

September 25th @ The Irish Tavern in Waterford. Also Novemeber 19th @ The Berkley Front in Berkley. details on www.groogruxkings.com

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

wonderful photos! cool :)
thank you for sharing your birthday wishes and I LOVED reading what you wrote. SO adorable lol :)
happy birthday to you love