Mini holiday

My guide to how to spend the first proper day off in many many months. We did it right this time.

In the morning (not too early but not too late) grab the camera and the GPS and jump in the car. Drive down the Cape. Get some coffee and donuts. Stop at the first beach you come across. Walk.

Go into town for a bit and buy some sunglasses. Go find a little nature reserve and pose for a picture by their boat house. Don't walk down the trails if the sign says beware of poison ivy. Last time we were down here, Matt went home with a bad case of it.
Find another beach and walk on it too.

Sit on the beach and sketch. Or just close your eyes, lay back, and enjoy being by the water.South Cape Beach Sketch

Take a pretty picture.
After the beach, find a spot by the water to eat lunch. Preferably fried seafood.
Drive home, relaxed, and feel like you went on a mini holiday. :)


Mrs. Church said...

I love it! You two are so cute! :)

And I want some fried clams NOW!

BerthaLey said...

The picture of the sea is way cool. :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

You guys really are too cute. What a fun day! I love it. You took advantage of your day off perfectly. :)