Visiting my own town

Last weekend we were invited out to dinner in the North End in Boston. It was a lovely night. There was lots of traffic, as you can see, when we got there because of a Celtics game. The North End is the Italian district, with narrow cobblestone streets, lots of folks out on a nice Saturday night, and wonderful smells coming from small groceries, restaurants, and bakeries. Our friends stumbled upon a short line at Pizzeria Regina's, which is quite rare. It's right on a dark corner that is a bit away from the hustle. There's a doggie daycare on the other corner called the Dogfather. While we waited in line, a woman and two kids made a game out of throwing change up against a wall. After the best pizza, we stopped in first at a little fancy wine shop where Matt picked up some Japanese rice beer and then a pastry shop where I got a chocolate chip cannoli. Those little chocolate chips make the cannoli, as far as I'm concerned. It felt good to walk through the streets with friends and pick up little yummy treats along the way.

We're trying to make our way around to some of our favorite spots this spring. It felt like a long awhile since we'd been downtown and it felt good to feel a bit like a tourist again. After six years in this city, I felt like a tourist who knew right where things were.

We have a little trip planned tomorrow since Matt took the day off work. I'll share when I get back. Feels good to visit favorite places. Hope you have some fun plans this weekend too!

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Mrs. Church said...

No fair getting cannolis without me! :) xo