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summer art journal page

Three things:

Can you believe I made this entirely with things laying on my little craft table? Clutter central here lately! Trying to chip away and organize but seriously slow going. I'm one of those people who is more productive around a bit of chaos but even I have my limits!

It's been rainy here...again. My mind is on summer like everyone else. Sunshine, bare feet, water! Gotta make this a good one. Anyone have any summer fun already planned? Or is it too early yet? Do share! I need ideas. I'm hoping for a week totally offline and at least one camping trip.

In other news, I think I'm going to give A Week in the Life a go this week, particularly because we're hoping for a big change of scenery soon. It'll be worth the effort to document what's going on right now. Gotta make it easy though. Busy week ahead and the last thing I need is another unfinished project! I think I'm going to fill up baseball card dividers and that's all. Just journaling blocks, bits of paper I collect, and whatever photos I manage to capture. I might not even worry about delineating days of the week. I'll just fill up as many divided page projects as I can. Sounds easy enough!

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Elizabeth Downie said...

You're so creative. :) I can't wait to see some more of your projects. And what do you mean you're expecting a change of scenery soon???