Ethnographer of my own life

A week in the life. 41 photos total that I'm keeping. No journaling. Yet. I tried to get fancy with the journaling cards in Photoshop and ended up not getting them printed out. It was a hang on to your seat kind of a week. Completely flying from one thing to the next. Work work work. No time even to make proper meals or vacuum the floor. By Friday I was out of commission with a migraine. The weekend was better though. Some downtime. Some recovery. Friends. Walks with the dog.
In the midst of the busyness I got to do some pretty cool stuff. Walk with my dog in the woods, hang out with friends at the ocean, get a package of washi tape straight from Japan, sit outside in the South End and work for a couple hours over lunch at my favorite spot, smell the blossoming trees, help a friend move, and make egg sandwiches with my husband for a late dinner.
Would have I liked more photos? Journaling? Maybe, but it is what it is. 85% more photos than I would have taken otherwise.
I'd like to do this again in the fall. Look for similarities and differences in the routine.
I did an even shorter week in the life project a few years back. Five days. Just one layout. And you know, that's actually enough. Sure, more detail would be nice but I look at that layout and it takes me right back to that time and the routine I was in then.
There is something worthwhile about studying your own life. Most importantly because life is going to change.


Elizabeth Downie said...

This is great. Very inspirational! I need to do more projects like this. Great pictures, as usual. Your hair looks really cute!

Mrs. Church said...

Ha ha ha aww Kaia in bed. Was she actually giving in for some snuggle time?

Long hair! Go you!

sdwaard said...

I love that picture of Kaia in the review mirror! And I can tell by the last shot that she's definitely your dog :) I bet she likes steaming hot showers too!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Wow, lovely photos. I keep dreaming of doing a series like this, but never get around to it! Thanks for the inspiration.