A weekend

Matt's folks were visiting us for the last week. We talked them into coming during the winter this year because we usually go five or six long months without seeing family. It's a bit too much to take.

So they obliged and hung out with us while we went through a typical whirlwind week. We started out with a list of touristy things we could do, but most of that fell by the wayside. Instead we mostly stayed home, cooked meals, watched the Olympics, played video games (well, Matt and his dad), and puttered around the house working away on little projects.

We summoned the energy for a few trips out, including a night out for fish and chips, a game of candlepin bowling, some successful outlet shopping, and a dog park husky meet-up. I also was busy taking skate skiing lessons, in the overly ambitious hope that the husky mutt and I will get to do some skijoring this winter. It's been great fun to take skiing lessons while the Olympics are on. A great way to get through the winter blues.

Saturday I got back from my lesson, and fell asleep in my rain pants and fleece. We all napped Saturday afternoon, and it was a good thing because we were going to have a late night out.

That guy tucked in behind the drumset is my guy. These days, he's in a band.


A band with a rapper and a saxophonist.


He's having fun.

Sunday we also hung around. Matt got his first guitar lesson from his dad. I took guitar lessons way back, and even played Closer to Fine once at a recital. It was a bit embarrassing. Matt and I have been talking about learning to play some duets together, and hopefully two will be better than one.


In the evening, we went out for Hot Pot. Our city has a thriving Asian community, with new restaurants popping up in the last couple years. We've been meaning to go for awhile, and Matt likes to take his folks out for Asian food (usually sushi) when they visit because it's his favorite.

Hot Pot

My favorite part of Hot Pot, honestly, was the mango watermelon bubble smoothie. I need to go find some of those yummy tapioca bubbles and a thick straw. I'm a bit smoothie obsessed lately.

bubble smoothie

The hot pot dinner was our own version of what Matt's sister is up to with her kids right now. Every Olympics season they study different countries each day. The day ends with a special meal from that country. They're making their way around the world via Ireland and Morocco and India and Hungary. It's a big undertaking but the girls will remember their childhood Olympic days fondly, I'm sure. During the week we followed their culinary adventures through her blog. It's a tradition I'd love to share with my kids someday.

Matt's folks are back in the midwest now, settling into the snow, while we are struck with a cold rain that has washed away all of my skiing surface. The winter continues for now, and unlike most I'm hoping for one or two more good snows. Nonetheless, their visit sure did help warm up the season for us!


sdwaard said...

The Hot Pot looks pretty fun (and tasty)! Thanks for the mention :) It's been fun but I will readily admit that I won't be sorry when the Olympics are done. (well, I will for the athletics part, but not the cooking part).

Glad to see you had a good visit.

Elizabeth Downie said...

If your blog was a book, I would buy it. I love the pictures and your week sounds so charming!

Sara said...

Or I just leave out the less than charming parts, like the pile of clothes on the bathroom floor and the dog who had to be muzzled because she can't seem to relax around visitors! ;) Thanks though - very sweet!