Yeah! Shop Update

I reopened the Etsy shop, and added some new items and some updated items.

I finally was motivated to reopen because I want to make monthly donations to Partners in Health for Haiti relief this year. 50% of sales will go to Partners in Health at the end of each month. The other 50% of sales will help fund my travel expenses for a project I'm collaborating on with the newly formed American Association of Caregiving Youth. If you want more info on that project, feel free to email me at spelliott at gmail dot com.

I added a new winter wonderland card making kit. Pretty and sparkly.


I also updated the front of some my journals. I thought it would be fun to offer some Project Journals. There are a few different colors available. Perfect for keeping track of those knitting projects. I always wish I kept a journal with project notes and yarn labels.

And I updated a few of the albums with this woodgrain "photos" title. Love woodgrain everything!


And, I finally completed and added the long awaited chalkboards that I spent hours and hours making. Taking the wood to be cut, drilling holes, sanding, several coats of paint, cutting out the stencils by hand, touching up the paint, finding the right hemp twine. These are a steal at $24.00!


And yes, those are my real dreams! I've not sure in what order but they are all on the docket.

And lastly, this card isn't for sale, but I love it so much. I was running out the door for a birthday party the other weekend and I didn't have a card, so I grabbed a blank card and a sheet of rub-ons. I want to make 100 of these to share forever! :)



Mrs. Church said...

You are endlessly inspiring!

Mrs. Church said...

And.... I was JUST THINKING, like two nights ago, that I would use your book that you sent EXACTLY for a knitting book, to track my first year of projects! Look at us all jinxies :)