Debbie Bliss Baby Shrug

Holy bananas, I knit something!

baby shrug 2

And I finished it.

baby shrug

It took me six months, but it's done. This week it's shipping off to my 15 month old niece, who is getting her Christmas presents quite late because her aunt (me!) needed to finish this little Debbie Bliss baby shrug started way back during their summer vacation at the lake. This light cotton sweater will arrive just in time for a Texas winter. And because she's a toddler, she won't even realize her Christmas gifts were late!

I knit this with Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Violet. The only modification I made was inadvertent. I didn't bring a smaller set of needles with me on our journey home for Christmas to do the binding, so I just picked up fewer stitches and used the same sized needles as I did for the body. You can't really tell on the neck ribbing, but on the sleeve ribbing the larger than called for gauge created a cute flutter sleeve which I like a lot. Happy accident. I also didn't realize I was supposed to bind off in a rib pattern, so I have a visible line of bind off stitches around the neck. I don't think anyone but a skilled knitter would notice that misstep and I'm fine with how it looks.

The pattern is one piece, which makes for a nice baby knit, but the pattern is not particularly easy to understand as you are knitting along. This skematic helped me picture the final product.

My other niece helped me weave in the loose yarn with a plastic tapestry needle, which turned out to be a good task to tackle together.

I'll be back soon with another purple sweater. It's so close to finished. Hint: It's adult sized and I started it over two or three years ago!


Mrs. Church said...

It looks great. :)

Can't wait to see the sweater! Is that the one you were working on at REM? tee hee....

Liz said...

I think it looks great. What a lucky niece...

Elizabeth Downie said...

I miss when you blogged more. :( Your blog is one of my favorites! :)