The first decade of the new millennium is over. I always wondered what the first decade of the 1900s was like, since it seems little remembered. We hear a lot about the 1920s, 1930s, and on, but less about 1900-1909. I wonder if the same will be true about this decade, although I'm sure a few key events will be remembered in 100 years. But maybe the events will not be recorded in history books, because there will be no history books, per se.

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For me, this was the decade when I graduated college and became a real adult. Traveled for a few months to the east coast by myself to stretch my wings. Returned to Michigan and got married shortly after. Worked my first full time job. Stayed behind while Matt did an internship in Oklahoma for a five months. Went to graduate school in Chicago and got used to city life. Moved to Boston. Kept the same full time job for a few years. Lived away from family for a long stretch. Traveled to a lot of places in the US and Canada. Took up knitting and photography and blogging. Took my first week-long backpacking trip. Went back to graduate school again. Got a dog. Settled into one place for awhile. Felt anxious to start a new phase of life. Looked forward to starting a family, to buying a home, to traveling more internationally, to gardening.

Ali Edwards talks about picking a word for the year. Something to focus on. And that the word needs to be connected to action.

I've tried to pick a word the last few years but nothing really stuck. This year, it came to me instantly.


It's time to get a move on. To move on. To move my body more. To get moving. To finish what I started. To feel motivated. To reorganize. To literally move. Find a new place to live. To move on to a new phase.

We don't know if it'll be 5 miles away or 1000 miles away, but we both feel the need to start anew this year. Wipe off the dust. Pare down our possessions. Feel a little lighter. Find a new adventure.

"You can always pick up your needle and move to another groove." - Timothy Leary

That's my resolution for this year. For this decade. To get busy moving.

Here's to finding a new groove.

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