December '09: 17-18 of 31

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frozen pond walk

Yesterday, midday we went over to walk around the pond, even though the temperature dropped quite seriously over night. It was quiet and we checked out the newly frozen water formations as we made our loop. My bum was frozen too by the time we made it back to the car.

Kaia made it clear when we got home that she would have preferred to stay out exploring in the cold all day. She's as happy as an ice princess out there.

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sometimes I get carried away
Source: DwellDeep on Etsy

When Matt and I started dating, he taught me one of the rules of Christmas. Don't buy yourself anything in December because you never know what you're going to get.

I try. Every year. Usually I fail. The sales are too good. The temptations are too deep.

Today I made a little impulse purchase that I know I won't regret. This print is going right over my mess of a craft space. It is a message I need to hear again and again.

Last night I attended the Last Minute Shopping Party and realized how true this sentiment is for me. When I dropped off my crafts to sell Wednesday night, I felt a little disappointed that I didn't finish everything I wanted to finish. And then Thursday night, seeing everything everyone brought to sell, I realized I had made plenty! I wish I'd brought my camera to take a photo of the stuff I'd worked so hard on displayed so nicely in the shop, but unfortunately the freezing walk earlier in the day drained my battery.

Seeing my crafts on that table reminded me of an earlier phase when I used to make pottery. I stayed at a retreat center for a fall and stayed up many nights at the potter's wheel. We had an art show at the end of the term. Most people had 3-5 pieces to show. I had a full, long table all to myself. At least 20 pots, bowls, plates, and vases were displayed. Plus a scrapbook of my journey there.

It's so true. Sometimes I get carried away, usually in good ways. But it's good to be aware.

Matt's out playing drums at a gig in the back room of an Indian restaurant. I'm a bit disappointed to miss it, but I didn't feel 100% tonight so I stayed in. Now it's time to gather some popcorn, hot chocolate, knitting, and this movie to watch on my laptop in bed. We're due for a blizzard tomorrow so we may be staying in most of the weekend!

Have a great last weekend before Christmas everyone!


Mrs. Church said...

Isn't MS as Julia just the cutest ever? :)

lindsay said...

love your ice photos and at least your are productive when you get carried away...

EmilyRSPS said...

Wow! Love the picture of the ice on the weeds! Lovely Lovely!