December '09: 15-16 of 31

15 of 31: Got my hairs cut. Felt good. I asked for some long bangs so my hair would look a little more put together in a ponytail. Whenever I'm putting my hair in a ponytail every single dog gone day, I know it's time for a trim. She straightened my hair too, which felt awfully attentive. Of course, by the end of the night, it was back up in a ponytail after I spent a couple hours crafting. But, a better lookin' ponytail. Even Matt said so. :)

16 of 31: By day - Meeting on the 25th floor of a building in the financial district. Free lunch. Delicious butternut squash ravioli with cranberries. After the meeting, a few of us non-profit folks gawked at the view and make jokes about having the corner office (instead of sharing a cube with 4 people). I took pictures looking south towards my home, near those Blue Hills on the horizon.

By night - Madly finishing up craft projects to sell at the Stitch House tomorrow night and through the weekend. I finally finished those chalkboards I mentioned a couple months back! I'm selling them for only $25 which is the bargain of the century because I seem to have put at least 10 hours into each of them - getting the boards cut, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, painting, painting, painting! Not kidding. After supplies, I might make a very healthy wage of $2.00 an hour! I won't be quitting my day jobs and thereby giving up those free lunches, anytime soon!

Since I needed inventory for the Last Minute Shopping Party, I put a vacation message up on my Etsy shop until January 2nd and raided the stockroom (aka a basket in our office). I'm also testing out a few new goods.


P.S. Thanks for hanging in there with my daily posts. I know it's busy so it's probably not the best time to flood your reader, although I got an email from my ever loyal fan Stephanie this morning - "what is up?" - because I missed yesterday and the website is a bit of a mess right now. I'll fix it eventually. I was innocently trying to find an easier way to post the big photos, and got a bit overzealous with no time to pretty up the space. [Edited: Fixed - Like it better than before!]

I may also batch posts like this for the rest of the month to save time, then go back to weekly posting in the winter.


Mrs. Church said...

However they cut your hair, it looks SO long!

PS Nice shirt! :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Cute haircut! :)