Moving towards the end of August, I'm trying to finish up projects before the school season begins. I have a mile long list of things I'd love to do, but I'm trying to just finish a few, in between munching on summer cucumbers, tomatoes, and peaches.

I have been working on a couple things for an Etsy shop, so that's exciting. Hopefully they will turn out lovely, and will be available sooner rather than later.

August has also resulted in a few Facebook baby announcements from far off friends. Facebook is the new baby announcement. Usually it's post-delivery, but Matt actually had a guy on his hockey team who was posting to Facebook from the delivery room and another guy replied something like, "Get off Facebook! Your wife is about to perform the biggest miracle of your life!"

Virtual or in the mail, baby announcements get my head spinning up too many ideas. Late one night - maybe too late - I started putting together a little mini photo album. Matt was given this little 4x6 album at an interview (strangely) and I decided to do a redesign with it.

I admit this really isn't exactly my style. Sometimes I get to creating and end up with something that I never would have planned. I started with a piece of paper that seems to work for a baby girl, I added a few elements, and next thing you know, I had a pink, green, and blue polka dotted album, with flowers, hearts, and lace!

Be Mine mini-album

I saw this idea in Simple Scrapbooks, before it went defunct. On one side of the 4x6 album you include lined paper for people write letters to the baby. On the other side, parents can slip pictures of loved ones with their baby. Fast and easy scrapbooking for busy parents.

Hopefully, the pink lacy sweetness will be appreciated. If not, I'm sending a cute little t-shirt along as well.

Feels good to have one more project off the late summer to-do list!

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Beth said...

Love your art!!