One of my 35 before 35 goals was to fill a journal up with collages. I'm on my way.

For me, collage is just a way to unwind and play around. I try not to think about it too hard. Yet, it's a fun puzzle - cutting out pieces and moving them around until they start to feel right. Eventually I say good enough, turn the page and start the next one. It's a low pressure way to play around with style, techniques and composition. And believe me, that experimentation leads to pages that are disasters and that I would never post on the internet!

Katie Licht is a collage artist who inspires me. She is an illustrator, a graphic designer and a Midwesterner too. I bought two of her art journal packs and they are really affordable and great collage starters. She also recently made her own zine which is super fun! She includes tips to get you started with making your own book of fun, vintage inspired collages. She didn't pay me to say this or nothing. Just someone whose work I recommend checking out if this is your thing.


Elizabeth Downie said...

I love it so much!! You make it look so easy!

katielicht said...

oh hey! seeing this today really warmed my heart. :) plus it is SUPER fun to see my little collage packs in use. I had a hard time parting with that photo of the man and little girl so it makes me happy to see it put to such good use. YAY.

Stephanie said...

I love all your art! You have such a distinctive SARA style in everything you do, as far back as I can remember (ugh! almost 25 years! wtf?! haha). It makes me so happy. :)