Right now, I am...

Right now, I am...

loving our new vintage bedroom furniture from my new favorite store Second Chance Design in Holland, Michigan. Our "new" dresser was made the year our home was built so it's perfect. I bought paint samples for the walls tonight, so we'll settle on a color this week and get to work on putting our bedroom together. We've been married for 10 years and have been using my high school bedroom set that whole time. Definitely was time for our own furniture.

helping my sister-in-law set up a blog so she can tell the story of her sweet little family. So excited to read her stories.

wanting to start running again or to start swimming laps. I also want to reverse my two week backslide on  drinking soda (pop) at lunch.

looking forward to playing soccer this summer. There is an Futbol League in the city where residents represent their neighborhoods. The possibility of playing soccer again was among the top five things I considered when we were deciding between city and suburbs. I need to get my cardio going so I can keep up.

waiting to nail down our vacation dates this summer. We have a destination in mind.

enjoying time at home and in the city. Matt told his family this weekend that he's having a serious love affair with this city. I have to agree. Life here is a roller coaster at times, but it feels just right. There's something powerful about connecting to a place that's shaped your family history.

looking forward to a lunch date and seeing The Color Purple with my mom this weekend.

feeling grateful that Matt just told me that control + z will undo. I just deleted this post accidentally. And I’m feeling grateful for this knitter who generously and expertly looked at photos of my messed up sweater-in-progress and gave me amazing direction to get back on track.

hoping this will be an easy week and I'll get a lot done with minimal stress.

booking tickets to go meet my newest niece and to spend some chill time with my brother and sister-in-law. Looking forward to more time jumping on the trampoline and maybe even some camping if it isn't too hot in Texas that weekend.

reading a couple books by Brene Brown. If you would have asked me if I was a person who felt a lot of shame, I would likely have said no. But something in me clicked after listening to her TED talk. First I totally got her as a researcher, so that drew me in. But I, along with many others, realized she's really got her finger on something critical to wellness and what she calls "wholehearted living". I decided it was worth the effort to spend some time living with and thinking through my relationship with shame and self-compassion. I also have been turning to Thich Nhat Hanh's You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment. Some of his meditation practices can be found here.

thinking spring. Rain and warmer temps are here.


Stephanie said...

Want to see the furniture noooooow!!!! :D

Elizabeth Downie said...

I was JUST about to say what Stephanie said! Pictures, please!?

Also, I want to come to Detroit and hang out with you as soon as it gets warmer! (Which at this rate *could* be July.)

dw said...

it was my pleasure
*wink wink*

Liz said...

Control Z? Good to know. Thanks for sharing that one!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Please blog soon.... I'm going through major withdrawals!!