The ying and yang of winter

Two photos of two completely different winter windows. One cold and one cozy. I am shivering right now as I write this and I'm not so happy about it. But, there are some really good things about the cold. It can be simply magical on a frosty bright blue sky day. It also makes me seek out the cozy.

Makes me want to grab some hot cocoa, my slippers, a good book, and a blanket. Hoping that you find some happiness in a cozy little corner of the world this holiday season!


Elizabeth Downie said...

Aw, I love both pictures! Great post as usual.

It made me feel cozy, actually.

Mrs. Church said...

Can I finally tell the world that that is my cozy window?? hahaha

Mrs. Church said...

It worked! It worked! Thank you for not blocking me anymore. :)