Last Minute Christmas Card

Like every year, I had big plans for crafting Christmas cards. I even bought the cards, and had a concept but didn't pull it together in time. Instead, Matt and I put a last minute digi card together using Photoshop and Picasa. First, I made a photo collage in Picasa, size 5x7. Then I downloaded this free Christmas card from Becky Higgins.

In Photoshop, I made a 12x12 page, so this can do double duty as a digital scrapbook page. My first! Then I wrote some short month-by-month journaling, inspired by Angie Lucas. Next Matt helped me out with adding some color and the snowflakes with the brush tool. Flatten, and done.

It still bums me out a little to not send something through the mail, but whatevs. It went out by email in the nick of time. I am going to get this printed and slide it into a scrapbook too.

This year was such a whirlwind that I really appreciated looking back and reflecting on where we'd been and what we'd done. My one little word this year was "move". And move we did. At the end of the year, it's kind of like, what did we do besides move? But it turns out, we did some stuff.

Someone asked me in jest the other week if I live charmed life or something and I happily owned up to it. Yes, my life is totally charmed. It's because I have a lot of good support. I don't take the credit. There are so many people who share so much with me, and all I can go is try and try and try to repay the favor.

I am so grateful for this beautiful mess of a life we lead. Even for the crazy, mixed up times we manage to get through. Wishing you many beautiful moments during the week ahead.

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