4 Simple Goals

I did a quick little redesign. I'm sort of addicted to redesigning my blog. This one was a fast redesign though. I've been wanting a cleaner look lately, so this feels a little lighter to me. The links are in the footer, but I want to figure out how to make a navigation bar with CSS at the top. If you know a good tutorial online, leave me a note.

Secondly, I deleted my last post (rant) about paying people for their photography, less blog marketing smarketing, etc. I'm still totally behind what I said, but I feel better not having that negativity hanging out there indefinitely. So, moving on...

I've been thinking about Elsie's 4 simple goals challenge. My last post was about summer goals. So it's just all goals all the time here lately.

But anyway, here are my simple goals right now.

1. Do either yoga or pilates at least twice a week. To both relax and to firm up a little.

2. Can the 30 lbs of tomatoes I bought at the market into pasta sauce and pizza sauce. Yum!

3. Get offline by 9 on work nights and go to bed by 11 (totally breaking this one right now!).

4. Make some art this week. Something. Anything.

I think the added fitness, tastiness, sleep, and creativity will be reward enough for following through. Okay, off to bed. Quickest post ever too. :)


Elizabeth Downie said...

Love this post. I need to follow your example and make some goals to improve my quality of life. I think even a few simple goals could go a long way with me. Over vacation I ate sooo much - time to cut back. (Sigh.) Making and keeping goals always makes me feel more in control of my life.

Mrs. Church said...

If you get bored, you're welcome to redesign my header, too! hehehe (I still love it, but have been thinking of some mini tweaks.... ) xoxo

PS Totally jealous of canning tomatoes!!!

glassplantstudio said...

I have done some of my goals... it kinda helped to know my list was out there. Easier to do simple ones for sure :)