right now

listening: Knee Deep Shag, a Kalamazoo mostly defunct college band. Although I heard they had a reunion show last weekend.
eating: stirfry and a grape popsicle.
drinking: water.
wearing: hiking shirt and jeans. my hair in a ponytail.
feeling: super tired after a long hike with a friend and a busy week. it's 8:00pm and i'm fighting the urge to go to bed.
weather: overcast and chilly but really nice.
wanting: to not have to pack everything in two days but also excited to have it over with and to find the perfect house to move into.
needing: energy.
thinking: i'm incredibly grateful for this week. i'll remember it always. i've been getting together with friends for 6 days straight and while it's totally tired me out, i don't care because it's been wonderful.
enjoying: the thought that I'll get a fresh start at organizing my stuff.
wondering: what the heck next week is going to be like.

your turn


Frannie said...

From Sarah F :)
listening: my students working in groups to build card houses
eating: nothing yet
drinking: ditto
wearing: green lightweight cargo pants and a coral v-neck j crew t-shirt
feeling: bittersweet about the end of another school year
weather: getting hotter and humid
wanting: to be more efficient at running all my errands
needing: a personal assistant!
thinking: I love my job, I really do, and I need to repeat that to myself more often
enjoying: the good vibes I'm feeling from donating 10 inches of my hair!
wondering: if I'm going to get everything packed in time to depart for my trip on Tuesday!!

Mrs. Church said...

Purple popsicle? Gross!

Elizabeth Downie said...

listening: to the sounds of typing around me
eating: nothing
drinking: diet A&W Rootbeer
wearing: my old lady shirt (Del Boca Vista shirt)
feeling: tired
weather: hot and humid
wanting: to be on vacation
needing: to focus....
thinking: about what to eat
enjoying: summer :)
wondering: if I can stick to my diet all day.

alexandra s.m. said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for dropping by ;-)
Love your art!