love for here and there

Maybe it's just because the weather has been lovely lately, but I'm feel like I'm falling back in love with this place I live. 

For the last couple weeks, I've been more intentional about getting out and exploring. This is definitely directly related to the fact that I've been art journaling regularly and setting goals for myself. After living here for six years, it wasn't feeling all that exciting anymore, but I've had a few great days out and about lately and I'm feeling the Boston love again.

Yesterday I volunteered for a YWCA fundraising luncheon where they honored women acheivers. That was inspiring. Then I met up with a friend in Copley Square for coffee and lots of talk about life decisions, work, school and fun activities we share, like hiking, crafting, and whatnot.
Then I hunkered down at the Boston Public Library for a few hours to work. Unfortunately, my camera battery died so no pictures of the inside but it's amazing. I have to go back. Maybe even later this week. I love libraries and I completely fell in love with it there. I really wish I had spent more time there in the past.

They also had an exhibit up, called Away We Go, of travel posters. Absolutely loved it! There is a flickr set with their whole collection, which is definitely worth checking out for design inspiration. I can't even imagine what it was like to travel abroad in the 1920s-1940s.

Creator/Contributor: Sellheim, Gert, 1901-1970 (artist)

Last night I came home feeling good and made an art journaling page about fun things I want to do this summer. The idea for the blocks of color for journaling came from Rachel Denbow and the Tell Your Story class. I think this may be my favorite page yet! Yeah summertime!


Elizabeth Downie said...

I was thinking about making a similar list! I may copy your idea. Learn to make cheese!? That's awesome. What a great goal!

Kirstin said...

I saw this on tumblr and recognized it right away as I did the same page last night. Love your list. Learn to make cheese sounds intriguing.

Mrs. Church said...

I hope that means "lay on a beach".... in St. Joe!! :)

If you move back to MI, you can take the cheese class at Zingermans! Totally worth every penny.