I used the random number generator and it choose #8 which is Rugby Nut. Email me wandercraftdesign @ with your address and I'll ship it out right away. Thanks everyone for your interest! I was joking with Matt that there is nothing worse as a crafter than offering to give something you made away and no one being interested. haha But luckily that didn't happen. ;)

And so this isn't the lamest blog post ever, here is my journal page from today. Home and summer are on my mind! I had fun looking through old photos for a good summer one. The best was the old Geddes Ridge crew enjoying some ice cream in our swimsuits.
I grew up in Michigan where the summers meant...
Oh, and pardon my Upper Peninsula. I think It should have stretched out to the east a little bit more. There's a heart up there because that little town over the bridge is where my love of a husband went to high school. Summer lovin'... We had a few fun summers up there.


Elizabeth Downie said...

I'm furious that I didn't win, and I'm never coming back!!

Haha, kidding. But I am jealous. ;) But I'm mostly jealous of your creativity. I wish I made the time to craft - I'm sure I have the time. I just waste it instead of doing something productive. :( I'm going to pray that some of your creativity rubs off on me and motivates me to actually do something! I love that journal page!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I am @ my mom's and can post on your blog! The problem must be with my internet connection @ home. I'll forgive your UP but what a fantastic journal entry!