the nerd I am

A few things... First, a couple pages of my Week in the Life Album are on Ali Edward's blog today. I totally blushed when she responded to my email and said she would include my album in the examples she is sharing. Then I ran into the other room and told Matt what a nerd I am!

If you're visiting from Ali's website, hi there!

For further proof that I'm a bit of a nerd, last night I decided to open a Twitter account. For my etsy shop, primarily. I keep reading that having a Twitter feed it might help me keep in touch with customers, so if you're a Twitter person and want shop updates and a few random thoughts, feel free to follow me there. It's also off the side here. To further prove that I'm a nerd, I made a typo in my first 'tweet'. Or is it 'tweep'? I'm a little confused by Twitter in general, but I have a feeling I'm going to like it more than I'll admit.

Speaking of my etsy shop, I was looking at it the other day wondering why the views and "hearts" for one of my tweet albums were 3 times higher than all the other items. I did a little digging. Turns out that back in February it was featured with other Twitter-related etsy items on a random celebrity blog. Of course, I can't find the blog link now. But it was really funny to see something I made sandwiched between posts about celebrity gossip.

After that happened, I realized, "Why am I not using one of these myself to keep track of all the funny things Matt says?". Seriously.
A duck face is when you purse out your lips and try to look cool. Yeah, girls do love that. Especially celebrities.

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Mrs. Church said...

You are such a rock star!!!!! :) Congrats!!!

PS I MUST see that book of Matt quotes. hehehehe