finding time for crafting

I'm making myself spend some time on crafty stuff. It's good for me. Even more essential when I'm super busy.

I designed and edited these photos early in the winter and just now got them listed. I gave my mom a set on greeting cards for Christmas. So I'm trying to get back to adding things to the shop here and there.
And while I was in Florida and stressed to the max, I a little impulsively I signed up for this art journaling class online. Pricey, but I think it'll be worth it because they are going to post tips and challenges every day for 6 weeks. I tried art journaling a few years ago and it didn't go so well. I definitely need a little guidance.

Most people are using a spiral sketch journal or notebook for the class but I decided to make an art journal portfolio with one of the folders I have been using for making photo journals. This way I can use different types of paper for my pages. I'm thinking about refining the design a bit and whipping up a few of these in different colors and adding them to my shop. I love green and yellow right now. So fit for spring!

This is the opening page - about me. It's got odds and ends I've been saving, and some words and drawings from right now. I'll post a few of the pages in my flickr stream now and then.
This week Kaia and I saw a squirrel in a tree (well, we see that like 50 times a day) but this squirrel was holding a bagel. A whole bagel! Then it got scared by the dog trying to hunt it down and it abandoned the bagel on the tree branch. I've seen some crazy squirrel shenanigans since Kaia came around but this is tops. Made me laugh out loud right there on the street.

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cutlinecrafts said...

That is so funny about the squirrel. Your page looks spontaneous and fun. :) Nice! I've got to get working on my first pages for the class ...