Blast from the Past: Part I

This is the building where I took my master's degree classes. I opened my email tonight, and was startled by the second announcement from the university that the building is being razed to make way for what I can only imagine will be a less Stalinist structure.

Unfortunately, the reminder was conveyed in the creepiest way possible. The sole text that accompanied the photo read: Wondering who would be the last one to ride the escalators of Damen Hall...... stay tuned to find out!

I'm a nostalgic soul, but am not particularly nostalgic about this building. The university's alumni relations team's odd effort to tap my sense of sentimentality was a bit lost on me. I mean, look at her. She's not exactly inspiring.

Plus, is it just me or does whole thing remind anyone else of the end of Heathers when Winona Ryder stands outside the high school with a cigarette dangling from her mouth waiting for the explosion? 

To be clear, I'm not trying to denounce my alma mater. I truly got an amazing education there, and I would recommend the university to anyone. I'm also grateful they told me about this. I don't want to go back to campus, and think I've gone insane when I can't find the building where I spent most of my time. I've only been gone six years and the university has gone through some radical transformations, including the building of an "information commons", which is basically a library with no books, only high speed wifi and "a team of library and computer experts to help students, faculty and staff fulfill their information needs". Back in the day, we graduate students squabbled over the one barely functioning PC in the 9th floor lounge.

Wait...maybe I am a bit nostalgic after all.

Turns out, I do wish I was the last person down that rickety old escalator. Afterward, I'd stand outside to watch while those dusty halls fall to the ground.

Then I'd sit out on the lawn near the lake shore and read a book.

[This is the first post in a series of hopefully humorous reflections on how quickly this fast paced world is aging me.]

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Mommasaurus said...

I have to smile a lot after reading this entry, dear Wanderer. The aging process is only BEGINNING!!!
Enjoyed your choice of topic on this one. Hard to imagine sometimes that a building can bring back so many memories of days it would be interesting to revisit, knowing what we know now!