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funky buddha

My favorite phone conversation with Matt while I was away...

Me: I'm staying across the street from the Funky Buddha Lounge.

Matt: What? The Punky Brewster Lounge?

Me: No! The Funky Buddha Lounge.

Matt: Oh, I was going to tell you to go in and order a 'Henry'.

Me: [laughs]

Matt: Or a 'Comet'. Wasn't that the name of her dog?

Me: Ah no, that was another show.

[btw: Punky's dog's name was Brandon. I had to look that one up. Go check out the high tech title card for the show. Awesome. And Comet the dog belonged to the Tanner girls, of course!]

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Elizabeth Downie said...

Sad that I knew right away that Comet was from Full House. lol