December '09: 13 of 31

The three of us this evening in the living room.
A few days ago Matt came home with Kaia's Christmas/birthday present. She was born on Christmas.

I think I hear resounding "awwww"'s out there.

Since she is spending the holidays in what we call "playcare" (don't worry, she won't know it's her birthday) we decided to give her her gift early. We weren't sure she'd treat this toy any differently than any other toy, but she does. She knows. The big bushy tail gives it away.

In other news, I'm starting to feel the mad dash to make make make over the next week or so. Therefore, I realized today that it's time to trim the Christmas to-do-list so I can enjoy the process!

Are you feeling the same way? Maybe it's buy buy buy or eat eat eat that's got you thinking about trimming back!

There must be something about approaching the end of the year that makes us feel urgent to squeeze in as much as we can!

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