Worth the Wait

My dad was in town for a conference and stayed over for the weekend so we could go hiking together. Saturday was supposed to be cold, rainy and windy, so I picked him up in Cambridge on Friday around noon, right as President Obama was leaving MIT. Students and state troopers were lined up along Memorial Drive. That morning I'd woken up to very loud helicopters and airplanes overhead, which I later found out was Air Force One on its way into Logan Airport.

After I picked up my dad, we headed back east on Memorial Drive. We must have missed the President by a minute or two because the crowds of students along the Charles were dissipating as we passed.

We drove up I-93 to New Hampshire. I'd picked the Welch-Dickey Loop because I'd heard good things. It was on the southern side of White Mountains, was only about 2 hours away from Boston, and could be completed in three hours, just before sun fall.

I can't believe I've waited five years to take this hike, but I'm glad I did so with my dad. It was flipping spectacular.


There's Dickey and Welch, the two granite peaks we'd just climbed, on possibly the most pleasant hiking day of the year.

Quite simply, it was a fantastic day.

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Lindsay said...

looks like a beautiful hike... gotta love walking on granite.