Hey Ya'll!

I say that, yet I'm from the midwest and live in New England. But sometimes I catch myself saying ya'll anyway.

Welcome to wandercraft!

For the last five years I've been blogging over at chitown2beantown. I started that blog to chronicle our move from Chicago to Boston. A few years later a friend told me she thought the title was outdated. It was. And yet I stayed.

But for the last year while I was sitting in boring econometrics classes in my graduate program, I've been dreaming up a new home for my blog.

When thinking about what this blog is about, I realized my favorite activities, and therefore posts, are about being outdoors, crafting, and traveling. Hence, wandercraft.

You'll find all the same stuff here, but I'm going to try to up the craft content a bit now that I'm out of class and have a tad more free time to play with. I'm also planning to open a small and humble Etsy shop by the end of the summer to sell some wares. If there is anything you think I should sell, I'm open to ideas.

I'm not one of those blessed people who can focus their blog and energies on one type of craft or activity. I'm too much of a will-o'-the-whisp for that. So wander along with me, as I do whatever catches my fancy each week.

Whether you come because you like the photographs, the writing, or the just because you're related to me, I'm glad you're here!


Stephanie said...

Love it!

Mommasaurus said...

Love it! Ooops. That's already been said. Ummm. For someone not too wordy - one without the gift of putting words together like you do, I'll just say, "This is super, Sara!"