Currents: One last study break

I started this currents list during a short study break last week, the final week of working on my dissertation, while on vacation with my family. My 5-year old niece above kept saying, "Aunt Sara's still working." I told her, "Next time I see you, I won't be working." I think my whole life will feel like a vacation from now on.

Location: Up north.
Watching: My nieces play - their smiles, their expressions, their curiosities. The oldest is all about dolls, bugs, running faster than anyone else and shaping this hot pink goop her grandma bought her into a million imaginary things. The youngest is all about dolls, opening and closing doors, giving kisses, starting to say her words versus signing her words, and zooming around as fast as a lightening bug.
Wanting: To have this dissertation monkey off my back once and for all.
Reading: I finished Parties, Work and Pain: Sylvia Plath in New York, Summer 1953 the other week which was a very fast and easy read. I don't think I've finished a book in over a year. I am now starting The Bell Jar, which somehow I never read in college.
Loving: That I'm off of work for August, and that my family can be hang out in close quarters for a long weekend and not get that sick of each other.
Working: On final revisions to my dissertation before I file it. The final pain. Edited: It's filed now and I'm officially done. I cried from relief when it was accepted.
Creating: Nothing yet, but I've gathered supplies from thrift stores to make some of these wee stuff animals. I've been itching to sew the most, maybe because it seems quick unlike a dissertation or knitting, so I have a list of sewing projects for the fall.
Listening: To my brother call my nieces darlin'. He's such a good dad.
Dreaming: I dreamt last night that I was in a dance crew competition, and after we won, we ran a race around a track under bright lights. Matt said my mind is longing for my body to move, which is very true after a whole summer of sitting still.
Thinking: Given how this year has gone, most of my 35 by 35 list is going to going to have to be converted to a 36 by 36 list.
Eating: Blueberries and apple pie.
Drinking: Lemonade and red wine. Edited: Champagne.
Wondering: What the fall will bring.


Stephanie said...

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still cheering for your paper finish, Sara. Thirty-five is going to be an AMAZING year for sure! xoxoxoxox

Stephanie said...

BTW, my "prove you're not a robot" phrase had "grad" in it. For realsies!!