All Kinda Perfect

For my 34th birthday, I wanted to head way up north on a trip that was long overdue to see one of my favorite people. We've been back in Michigan for over two years and I had not been to the Upper Peninsula in that time, which I realize means I hadn't really been home until now.

Right as we moved in to our new home, I bought an old plastic Polaroid camera at a neighbor's estate sale for a couple dollars. It just sat on a bookshelf all this time begging me to see if it actually worked. I finally caved in to the price ($24 for 8 exposures!) and bought a pack of Impossible Project film for this road trip. It was a rainy day on the way home and we had a long day of driving ahead, but since it was my birthday we stopped off at Pictured Rocks for a few shots from the tourist lookout.

When we drove back into Munising, I realized I had left my cell phone on top of the car. We circled back and we didn't find the cell phone but I ran over for another photo.

Then we got back in the car to continue south. This really special place is along Route 2.

And here, you might see the very faint bend of a 5 mile long bridge on the horizon. When we first crossed over, I saw a man with long jet black hair when we were still a few cars back in line. I turned to Matt and said, "Oh my, that's the same man who used to take my bridge fare in high school!"

"Yeah, he took my money in February. He's (so and so's) cousin. He's a really nice guy."

Later over beers, I told my friends who live three hours further northwest this story and they said the same thing, "I love that guy."

I love that bridge and what is on the other side. It means adventure. It means hold on, I'm almost there.
I took more shots in digital this weekend that I'll share. As well as some in medium format B&W and color film, assuming the Yashica I snagged the other week, while visiting another favorite person in another part of the state that I claim as home, works.

So yeah, I juggled three cameras and many hours in and out of the car on a rainy day, soaking in some beauty on my 34th birthday. It was all kinda perfect.


Sarah said...

Love this post!! And very cool new technology can replicate the good ol' photographs. :)

Stephanie said...

Omg LOVE the pics. The very last one is my favorite though - BEAUTIFUL!!!

Two more Antiques on the Bluff left.... More cameras??? ;)

Liz said...

The images are beautiful - just like the UP. I've lived near the bridge for 20 years now, and I know exactly who you are talking about - he's like a fixture at the bridge.

Happy birthday!

hattie said...

Nothing like the UP and an old camera to capture it......glad your back in the Mitt!!!!!

Great post!!

Heidi said...

I think it was worth the $24 - beautiful pictures! I love Michigan.